March 16-19, 2017 | ORLANDO FLORIDA 

It Only Takes One Deal One Time To Change Your Life Forever. 



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Here's Just A Small Fraction Of What You'll Learn At The Commercial Property Academy

A Complete A-Z System For Creating MASSIVE Success In Commercial Real Estate

Locating Deals

You will learn over 32 strategies for locating amazing Commercial Real Estate opportunities of all sizes and types, in any area you want.

Evaluating Commercial Property 

Discover How to Quickly and accurately determine the value of any commercial property so that you know which properties to pull the trigger on to create massive wealth and which to avoid.

Latest Online Tools

Learn the tools the pros use to gain access to dozens of the most cutting edge online resources and services that will make investing in Commercial Real Estate easier than ever before.

Funding Your Deals

Learn over 45 powerful resources to all the financing you will need to get deals funded in today's market, including all new, powerful, creative strategies that you can only learn at the Commercial Property Academy!

Getting Your Offers Accepted

You will learn how to create irresistible offers that will get accepted, while both protecting you and maximizing your acquisitions and get while gaining all the documentation needed to model your business!

Top Secret Strategies

At the Academy, Scott will share strategies for creating unfathomable success in commercial Real Estate, so revolutionary, so creative, and so powerful, we can't even mention them here!


March 16th - 19th, 2017 

Orlando, Florida